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The American Sweet PotatoSweet potatoes are our specialty

We offer a wide assortment of sweet potatoes: fresh, ready to cook, processed products. We offer the best varieties: white, orange, and purple, coming from typical production areas. The production takes place at farms associated with us. Our specialized technicians continuously supervise all the productive chain.

We also offer other products, such as common potatoes, onions, fruit and vegetables, produced by our partners with our expert supervision.

patata dolce
QualIta Vera Italia Logo

Qualita stands for Quality,namely Italian quality

Our company is called Qualita – The Italian Quality. It was established to produce and promote the sweet potato of Veneto and other Italian realities, along with other Italian fruits and vegetables on national and international markets.

Our logo wants to represent a quality seal with its colors: golden and yellow. Yellow represents gold and stands for the high value of our products, red along with yellow recalls the coat of arms of an Italian town widely renowned for sweet potato production. The logo reports the company name enclosed in a geometric shape that recalls the profile of a sweet potato, the Italian flag is a reminder of the so-called Made In Italy (quality).

Our philosophyWe monitor all the production steps from cultivation to sale.

patata dolce americana a italia

We collaborate with companies representing the state-of- the-art in logistics, to maintain the highest quality during the whole production and distribution chain. Everything starts from the cultivation, the fundamental step thoroughly supervised.

It’s all about expertise: discussion, exchange of ideas and opinions among experts are fundamental to achieve good results.

In this perspective, Qualita promotes long-term relationships involving all stakeholders from the planning and design phases to the market, with the aim of obtaining good and natural agricultural products, devised to meet the consumers expectations and to be distributed with modern routes.

The organization of Qualita – The Italian Quality is dynamic and flexible, based on collaboration and communication between all the stakeholders.

The organization of Qualita – The Italian Quality is dynamic and flexible, based on collaboration and communication between all the stakeholders. The company carefully coordinates and directs the production chain activities, maximizing the synergies. Quality, partnership and entrepreneurial spirit are our main values.

The quality of our products is indeed our main concern. Our Quality Assurance System represents the state-of- the-art in agriculture and is internationally certified. In addition, there are numerous internal quality audits aimed at improving the results, the competencies and the consumer satisfaction. To this end, our experts collaborate with our customers to the realization of shared projects.

A wide offer of agricultural products

Qualita – The Italian Quality – collaborates with many Italian companies (mostly certified) producing high quality agricultural products.

New ideas and new product lines are deeply engineered to guarantee to our customers sustainability, innovation and satisfaction.